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NATIVE MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL ( is a resource to connect all native Christian churches and ministries.

NMI is a DIRECTORY for all Christian churches and ministries:

Searchable Tribe and Ministry Listings to locate a Tribe or Ministry through name, state, region, tribe and more:

  • Share events so other natives can attend
  • Share teaching and ministry resources online
  • Share training events whether online or FACEBOOK STREAMING LIVE
  • Post jobs for your ministry
  • Searchable tribal directory with chairperson, contact information
The Creator Became Our Savior

Please try the ADVANCED SEARCH BUTTON for each listing. Tribes can be searched by:

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It is our hope that people will find faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and the many resources posted over time will assist in a person's spiritual growth.
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Church/Ministry HUB WEBSITES include:

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  • Pictures
  • Map you can use to navigate to
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  • FaceBook Pages
  • Church service times
  • Streaming link to watch church service if submitted
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Apply to have your Church or Ministry Listed

Robert DeCorah and Rod Converse at Mokahum Ministry Center in Cass Lake, MN


To be listed on this site, a church or ministry must agree with the following statement:

Jesus Christ is the Savior, and belief in His death on the cross, burial, and resurrection three days later is the ONLY way to heaven.

* If you have another belief there are other sites to join.

Please take time to register and e-mail the link to every native church you are aware of.  It takes about 3 weeks to have your ministry or church listed.

*Not for traditional and/or non-christian practicing churches and ministries.  There are other sites to join and get registered on.  This site administrator and advisory board reserves all rights for who is listed according to the above requirements.

Also note that to be listed on this site you must agree with the simple statement of faith above, however the administrators of this site are also in agreement with the following:

  1. Statement of Faith
  2. Statement on Native Spirituality

Our goal is to sign up both natives and all races to use this website to:

  • Pray for native churches, ministries, and those who have not yet come to know the Creator who became the Savior
  • Find events to attend
  • Click in to listen to Native church worship services


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Robert DeCorah at Pine Ridge Reservation


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