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All Things Native

Find Native specific resources on this page, including over 100 Sites for Native Nations, tribal governance, demographics, languages, census data and more.

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100 Sites Every Native Nation Needs

Over 100 links to Culture, Education, Maps, and More

Statistics of Indians

Best Statistics of Indians Now and Projected in 2060

Tribes Looking to Become a State Tribe

Tribes Not Federally Recognized, Looking to Become a State Tribe -- Index by State

Tribes Looking to Become a Federal Tribe

Tribes by State Petitioning to Become a Federal Tribe (PDF)

Listing of Federally Recognized Tribes

Listing of U.S. Tribes or Groups that are Federally Recognized

Census: Increase in 2020

Article: Native population increased by 86.5 percent in 2020

Census Information

Census Information by Tribe with Search by Tribal Area and State

Search: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Search by First Nation, Tribal Council, Reserve/Settlement/Village, Political Organization, or FNFTA

Indigenous Territories Map

Find Indigenous Territories by Hovering Over an Area, Zooming in, or by Adding an Address

Alaska Native Groups

Search the National Archives Online Catalog for Alaska Native Language Groups and Villages (PDF)

Map & Tribes of Wisconsin

Current Tribal Lands Map and Native Nations Facts

Wall Maps

Wall Maps of All Reservations, and State Maps for Schools

First Nation Profiles Interactive Map

Canadian Government Interactive First Nations Map

Canadian First Nations Map

From the Native American Science Curriculum

Realities Video Series with Wes Studi

(Native) Realities Video Series About Realities of Life on a Reservation

Learn Languages

Learn Languages From First Voices -
First Peoples Cultural Council

Tribal Governance

Tribal Governance by National Congress of American Indians

Native Travel Tourism

Find a place to visit in the U.S. by category or state.

School Resource - Fun Facts

Teach About Indian Tribes by Entering Tribes Name to Learn
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