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How to Find Existing Tribes


Robert DeCorah has visited 30 tribal offices where everyone is thrilled to have this free all inclusive listing of all the Nations. Here are a few of the uses for this listing: Having trouble connecting with members of your tribe? Use the listing to find your Tribe. If a person visits or marries into your Nation how can you verify they are qualified for Health Services or other programs? This is the fastest way to connect. Planning a trip? All the tools are here to make a trip - find a hotel nearby, select a restaurant to eat, have a phone number to call or GPS to the Tribal Office.

This page explains how to search to find existing tribal nations 8 different ways.

Here are the button links if you are ready to start searching now. Otherwise read the instructions below the button links to learn how to search.

8 Ways to Search

Tribes Listing - 6 Ways to Search

  1. Alphabetical. Click a letter to see the tribe listed by the beginning letter.
    Tribe Listing - Search by Alphabetical List
    Go To Tribes Listing and Search Now >>
  2. State Drop Down List. Find this by clicking "Advanced". Then select a State.
    Tribe Listings - Search by State
    Go To Tribes Listing and Search Now >>
  3. Zip Code (Postal Code) Drop Down List. This is based on tribal office. Find this by clicking "Advanced".
    Tribe Listing - Search by Zip/Postal Code
    Go To Tribes Listing and Search Now >>
  4. Regional (USGS Region) Drop Down List. See how many tribes with listing of nations are in the geographic region. Find this by clicking "Advanced".
    Tribe Listing - Search by Region
    Go To Tribes Listing and Search Now >>
  5. Search By Keyword. Type a tribes name such as Sioux to see how many reservations they are on.
    Tribe Listing - Search by Keyword or Category
    Go To Tribes Listing and Search Now >>
  6. Show All. View a complete alphabetical listing of tribes with their tribal shield as you scroll.
    Tribe Listing - Show All Tribes
    Go To Tribes Listing and Search Now >>

Once you select a tribe you will have contact information including phone, e-mail, Tribal Chairperson plus five additional maps.  Each tribe has a reservation map that can also be viewed in "Satellite" view.  If you click View Larger Map on a computer (not on a phone), you can select "Nearby" to view:  Hotels with costs, restaurants, coffee cafes and many other options.  You can click to navigate to the tribal office.  To update information such as the Tribal Chairperson, addresses…etc. please submit an e-mail to Robert DeCorah at:  Thank you!  We endeavor to be the most up to date and all inclusive directory of Native American Indian Tribes out there.

Go to Tribes Listing and Search Now >>

Map of US Tribes/Listing by State - 7th Way to Search

The 7th way to find a tribe is by using the Map of US Tribes - Listing by State. Click on the state in the Map to find a listing by state.

Go to Map of US Tribes - Listing by State >>

The 8th way to search for a tribe is by using Google Map of US Tribes. Clicking on this will open a new Browser Tab. You will see a Google Map with map pins for different tribes. Click on a Tribe to see details.

Go to Google Map of US Tribes >>

To Simplify Your Use or Tribal Government Use

On a phone select short cut Menu and select Put on Screen where an icon will be placed to make it act like an app.  If you are on the computer select add to favorites where you can click to select.

For resources for tribal nations please see the Resources page and click "108 sites all tribal leaders need to know to better serve their people".

If you have any questions please send them to Robert DeCorah at:  This is a free resource for all of our people from Native Ministries International.

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