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Find valuable counseling resources for leaders, including counseling couples, crises and trauma, on spirits and more.

Please find helpful resources on this page to help you on your journey. Know that some of these links may be affiliate links. This means if you purchase an item through those links on this page, NMI will make a small commission that is used to help keep Native Ministries International running. You have our sincere thanks!
You can read our full affiliate disclosure here.

Counseling Couples

When an Affair Happens

Crises and Trauma Counseling

A Biblical, Practical, Complete Guide

Prison Small Group Counseling Training

Equipping Leaders: Small Group Training for Jail and Prison Ministry

Marriage Assessment & More

Free Assessments with a Sign-up to
The Focused Pastor

Counseling on Spiritual Armor

How to Dress In Spiritual Armor to Protect You From Bad spirits  - Training by Robert De Corah

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