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Learn about operating a church, including resources to help you with campaigns, helping guests feel welcome. Also find resources on church leadership including disciple-making in the church, dealing with common issues in the church. Find a number of Blogs on Growing, Revitalizing, and Leading your Church.

Church Operations

The Gift of Administration

Learning the Gift of Administration

Church Administration Kit

For Administration in Churches


Campaigns for Your Church

Effective Giving

Swimming Pool -
5 Lessons for Effective Giving

Funding Your Ministry

5 Keys to Personal Support Raising - Booklet

Church Guests

11 Simple Strategies for Helping Guests Feel Welcome

Church Leadership

Est. Church Podcast

Weekly Discussions for Established Churches About Challenges and Issues Church Leaders Face

Revitalize & Replant Podcast

Weekly Discussion on Church Revitalization and Replanting

Sonlife Disciple-Making Podcast

Learning about disciple-making in the church, small groups and more - Sonlife Ministries

Rainer on Leadership Podcast

This Weekly Podcast Provides Practical Training on Important Issues for Church Leaders and Pastors

Missions - Stratus Index

Make Informed Missional Strategies when Choosing a Mission Using the Stratus Index Tool

Church Blogs

Find a number of Blogs to Grow, Lead and Revitalize Your Church

The Focused Pastor

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Family-Help Resources For Your Church

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