Founder of Native Ministries International & Three Feathers Ministry

Born of God the Father, through Jesus Christ His only Son in 1971.

Born of earthly parents  in 1953 on the Oneida Reservation in Wisconsin.

Growing up was a struggle as Robert's  family was part of the 1956 Indian Relocation Act and were moved to the City of Chicago.  Alcohol was and is a big part of the American Indian’s way of life and at the age of 15, Robert was caught in it’s web.

Thank God for a mother who sent her children to a neighborhood Sunday School. In 1971 a revival swept across this nation among some colleges. Collegians left their schools and swept the nation with their message of salvation through Christ. These men obeyed the Holy Spirit’s leading and reached out to street kids! As Robert listened, God began to move in his life .  This is when his life changed.

Acceptance of this salvation meant a new pathway, one directed by the heavenly Father who said: “This is the way, walk ye in it.” (Isaiah 30:21)

Robert's path led to Trinity Bible College, Moody Bible Institute, Carson Newman College graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity Degree, marriage and the raising of 3 children.

After 40 years of pastoral ministry Robert's path is leading back to his roots - Ministry to Native Americans.

If you would like Rev Decorah to speak to your organization or church, or assist with the registration of churches on your reservation, contact us at:



Native Ministries International would not be possible without the vision, passion, support and prayers of Rod & Avis Converse.  Please read the story of how this ministry and web site came about and consider how God may be calling you to partner with this exciting new ministry for Native America.

It has been 15 years since I had a clear nudge from God to detour off interstate 90 and travel to Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. I did not know why I was supposed to be there or what plans, if any, God had for my involvement in Native America.

Over the years, my wife, Avis & I have been blessed to be a part of several Native Ministries including Lakota Hope, the Center for Indian Ministries and Mokohum Ministry Center, Hands of Faith, the Whiteclay soup kitchen. We have also connected with many dear Brothers and Sisters ministering to the Native Americans. We continued to seek what God had in store for us to be doing.

While attending the July 2017 “United in Christ” conference hosted by CHIEF and the Center for Indian Ministries in Bemidji, MN, we met Pastor Robert DeCorah, who had recently retired from 40 years as a pastor. He was launching Three Feathers Ministry with the goal of training and mentoring Native Pastors. He envisioned a website that would provide a free access, database that would connect all Native Christian Churches and Native Ministries together to share best practices, provide resources and training, post job openings, etc. The more I visited with Pastor Robert, I was sensing God’s peace as He was clearly unfolding his plan for our involvement with Native Ministries.

Native Ministries International, (a ministry partner of Ministry Developers Network) was launched in early July 2018, through the collaboration of Pastor Robert, Couture Web Svcs and GrowthZone, a member management company that provided an amazing customized software product.

Native Ministries International is currently seeking input from several Native Ministries for suggestions on how we can make this website more valuable as a ministry tool. Please bear with us as we continue to fine-tune and make improvements.

Avis and I strongly encourage you to become a member by submitting your ministry information through this website. You and your ministry can be an encouragement to other Native Ministries. Share this site with all of your Christian contacts.

Thank you and God Bless

Rod & Avis Converse


Rod & Avis Converse currently live in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Rod has owned several businesses in Minnesota and Iowa. He and Avis are involved in foreign and domestic ministries and have a desire to help Native Christian leaders grow the Kingdom.